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Transportation & Logistics

We can assist your good company get the best forwarding, stevedoring and port agents locally for reliable timely

Operations within Cameroons’ Central and West African Regions for your sea, land, rail and air shipments, handling and warehousing at good rates .


With a qualified team of regularly trained and certified technicians we are proud to have contributed to maintain and improve on the safety of the seas and ships visiting the ports of Cameroon and Gulf of Guinea. We assure quality inspection and service of life saving appliances and firefighting equipment for

Communication Equipment

We service different brands of ship communication equipment from our service station and on board with qualified engineers having the required experience and certifications to provide integrated solutions to commercial and passenger vessels, Navy, fishing, anchor handling and supply boats.


Sealand Support is reputed for its professionalism in delivering services of Sludge and garbage removal using specialized vehicles and bio-systems for destruction and disposal, tank cleaning, cargo hold/hatch cleaning, welding and metal works with certified welders under the class system, scaffolding, Electric

Manning Services

We offer manpower supply to ships and rigs operating the Gulf of Guinea zone using qualified local and foreign crews in strict accordance with the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch keeping convention (STCW) as amended, while assuring the financial and technical objectives of the client.

Chandlery & Marine Store Supplies.

We can deliver your provisions and stores within tight lead time periods within 3, 5, 24 and a maximum of 48hours, assuring best quality at all times 24/7.

Just make your inquiry and place your order to give a smile to your crew.

Bunkers Supplier

We supply marine bunkers and lubricants within ports and waters off the Gulf of Guinea by Truck, Pipe and Barge. Supplying Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Lubricants, IFOs 180 and 380 to ships calling the ports and operating in the waters within the area under short notice while respecting the standards for safe and

Load Test

We perform crane load test and load test for davits and rescue boats to assure safe operations of ships loading and handling by performing all load tests at 125% of the rated capacity to ensure that material handling equipment are more than enough for required needs. We use calibrated load cells and class

Underwater Diving Services

With an excellent team of professional divers under the group, Sealand Support tops the rank for diving services and operations in the region. An equipped and professional team with successful diving operation even in unclear muddy waters of the Wouri River or high debts at high seas, our divers

Stowaway search with dogs and watch keeping

Performing this activity since 2009, we have marked our name in the service with zero incident of stowaway on board owing to our commitment with over 400 ships served. Our search operation procedures are tight and respected to the fullest with full vessel search with eight to ten men using special trained dogs, flashlights and tear gas to flush out stowaways